SWF Renderer is an application that converts SWF files and HTML websites to images sequences or videos.

SWF Renderer 2.0

SWF Renderer is an application that converts SWF files to images sequences or videos. The application has been completely rebuilt, with a new UI and tons of new features:

- Added command line support for OSX ( NEW in Version 2.07 )

- Added extra command line functionality ( NEW in Version 2.066/2.067 )

- Export HTML Pages / URL's ( NEW in Version 2.06 )

- SWF to video, added export to MP4 ( NEW in Version 2.02 )

- Export timeline animations, coded generative content (AS2 / AS3) and Stage3D content using custom code.

- Create, save and open projects for SWF Renderer

- Batch multiple SWF's to PNG or JPEG sequences

- Customise individual settings for each render job

- Command Line, add SWF render targets and start rendering (windows only for now)

- Use custom renderers to export Stage3D

- Detailed error list displays problems with loaded SWF's

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Download demo

Demo versions of SWF Renderer are fully functional, with an added watermark to exported images.

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SWF Renderer 1.0

If you want the old 1.0 version of the app, you can download it here. It is free, no longer maintained, and requires the Adobe Air runtime.

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